I teach 3 different styles of qigong, all with their own unique health benefits and advantages, check them out below.

Heaven and Earth

Emily practicing Heaven and Earth Qigong                 Photo by Laura Turner

Emily practicing Heaven and Earth Qigong               Photo by Laura Turner

This deceptively simple 2-part movement is an incredibly powerful and relaxing qigong set, working predominantly on the Wood element which in Chinese medical theory corresponds with the Liver and Gall Bladder, the joints, tendons and ligaments of the body and the circulation of blood and fluids.

The main benefits of this set are:

  • gentle articulation of the spine
  • relaxation of the nervous system and mind
  • soft stretching of the joints and ligaments
  • squatting movements that exercise and strengthen the hips, legs and lower back
  • opens, releases and relaxes the shoulders and chest
  • soothing, rhythmical, meditative movement

Emily practicing Heaven & Earth Qigong. Video by Laura Turner.

Tai Chi Circling Hands

Emily practicing Tai Chi Circling Hands    Photo by Laura Turner

Emily practicing Tai Chi Circling Hands    Photo by Laura Turner

The foundation of the Tai Chi - a progressive group of exercises that work the 3 main circles of the arms, legs and waist in all styles of tai chi.  Also a fabulous warm up for any form of exercise or companion to Heaven and Earth qigong.  The circular movement encourages a state of flow between body and mind which can promote a reduction in emotional and mental stress.

Some of the benefits of these exercises are:

  • improved balance and transference of weight both side to side and down the legs
  • articulation of the hips - increasing circulation and connection through the pelvis 
  • strengthens and tones the legs by continuous yet gentle twisting of the muscles and tissue
  • learning the basic principles of tai chi - including the 4 energies of pung (spherical expansion), ji (focused extension), liu (yielding) and an (compression)
  • calming, circular movements which soothe the nervous system


Dragon and Tiger

A set of 7 simple movements originating from the Buddhist and Taoist traditions some 1,500 years ago, this medical qigong is based on the acupuncture wellness model which aims to balance all aspects of health and energy – physical, emotional, psychological and spiritual – as well as strengthen the body, reduce stress, calm the mind and soothe the nervous system.

The hands are moved systematically and fluidly over various acupuncture meridians to stimulate and unblock or strengthen them.

The main benefits of this form of qigong are:

  • gentle articulation of all the main joints in the body (including the "forgotten" joints - the elbows, shoulder blades, wrists and ankles) which increases range of motion and releases tension from surrounding muscles and tissue
  • strengthens the legs and improves balance
  • clears the body and mind from things such as sluggishness, fatigue and fuzzy headedness
  • increased flexibility from smoothly stretching and opening the hips, back, sides of the body and neck
  • improves coordination and proprioception 
  • boosts energy levels
  • calms the nervous system and mind
  • low impact and adaptable to seated practice in the event of illness or injury

Emily practicing Dragon & Tiger Qigong in St James Park - John Travolta eat your heart out.  Video by Laura Turner.