What people are saying about working with me


Overall I found acupuncture amazing in helping with my back - nothing else I’ve tried seemed to help in any way like it!! Emily is very calming, very friendly and each visit has been enjoyable while I received treatment. My overall well being has also improved, I sleep better, and feel calmer at times even with daily pressures at work.
— Melanie, 29
Emily’s calm and confident manner made me feel very much at ease and I found her treatment tremendously beneficial for stress-related symptoms, such as digestive disorders and problems with sleep - in fact, all my symptoms have gone.
— Ulrika, 34
A chiropractor recommended Emily to me to perhaps compliment the treatment she was giving me for a neck complaint with referred pain to my arm and hand. My first treatment was great and I felt better and more uplifted afterwards; subsequent treatments have left me pain free. I am feeling a lot better in myself and have more energy and very much a feeling of ‘general well being’

I would (and have) recommended Emily to family and friends and will continue to do so. I thank you for all your help in making me feel so much better. I didn’t realise acupuncture could change things so much.
— Gloria, 51
I first visited by recommendation for the symptoms of disturbed sleep and consequential daytime tiredness often accompanied by persistent headaches. The relief from the symptoms were more rapid than I had anticipated after months of suffering. During sessions Emily also successfully relieved a new shoulder injury using both acupuncture and gua sha. I would recommend without hesitation Emily’s treatment as very effective, always gentle and caring and based on a thorough working knowledge of her complex skill.
— Mike, 46
As if [relief from arthritic joint pain, bloating, poor sleep and persistent lung congestion] were not enough, my general feeling of well-being improved enormously and I felt calm and rejuvenated after each appointment.
— Elizabeth, 62
Within 3 sessions I was starting to see a noticeable reduction in menopause symptoms. I was beginning to sleep through the night and no longer had to stand by an open door to cool off! After 6 sessions, the symptoms have almost completely disappeared. The treatments are relaxing and I always leave with a sense of well-being. The needles are tiny, certainly nothing to fear and the sensations are not painful. Emily is professional, calm and reassuring and I would highly recommend her to anyone.
— Patricia, 53
For several years I have been suffering with back pain [and was subsequently] diagnosed me with a syndrome called ‘fibromyalgia’. At the beginning of my acupuncture treatment I had difficultly sleeping, standing, sitting, walking and going up the stairs was agony.

The acupuncture treatment I have been receiving through Emily has brought strength into my legs and body. After every treatment I feel relaxed, full of energy and it seems to give me strength. Due to the improvement of my health, I am able to do my keep fit class, sleep better, walk [better] and enjoy my everyday activities.
— Kaline, 55
I have just completed a six week course of weekly acupuncture and I feel a different person! My menopausal symptoms (hot flushes day and night, feeling exhausted, mood swings, broken sleep) have literally disappeared and I now feel I can get through my day without feeling exhausted.
— Jackie, 49
I had been suffering with intermittent lower back pain for some time. I would get stiffness from walking around the shops, during/after gym workouts and mild-moderate shooting pains from sudden movements or if I stayed in the same position for a while

During the week following the first treatment I noticed an improvement and following 4 subsequent sessions my back (and knee) pain reduced significantly. I can honestly say that my health has improved through acupuncture [and the exercises Emily recommended]. Emily is professional, gentle, knowledgeable and would put anyone at ease - I would like to say a big thank you!
— Emma, 28



Emily delivered a wonderful ‘Introduction to Qi Gong session’ to our [team of] physiotherapists. She has a lovely way of teaching and uses language that enables you to truly focus on each specific movement and body part. The session highlighted an internal awareness of the body and how energy is transferred through the body through movement. I felt very relaxed after the session and noticed an improvement in my balance. I would certainly recommend Emily as a Qi Gong instructor to anyone who is interested in trying this ancient Chinese health system.
— Hayley
I have been very happy with my regular classes with Emily. She has managed to teach our group the form clearly and always adds very useful details which help deepen the experience. She paces the classes very well and has encouraged each of us with great care and tailored her feedback individually. It is always a pleasure learning from her and I would recommend Emily’s classes to anyone wanting to learn Qi Gong. She is a talented, caring and sensitive teacher who always does her utmost to facilitate your best learning.
— Anna
Emily teaches Qigong in a very student-friendly way, i.e. she really takes into account the level her students are at, and their particular wants and needs from the class. She has a good balance of discipline and light-heartedness which makes the sessions focused and fun.
— Andy