Neuromuscular Taping

You've probably seen a lot of sports people and athletes wearing brightly coloured tape on various joints and limbs; this is neuromuscular taping.

Originating in Japan and designed by Dr Kenzo Kase an acupuncturist and chiropractor, this simple and highly effective therapy involves the application of stretchy, adhesive tape to areas of injury, tension, inflammation or weakness.  

As an aid to healing, the body part in question is extended and then the tape is applied. When the body moves during the day, the tape stretches and becomes slack, ruckling and extending; this very gently pulls the skin away from the underlying fascia and tissue engaging a pumping of both blood and lymph circulation which greatly aids the healing and strengthening process.  The tape can be left on for several days after application to continue this process between treatments.

The tape can also be used as a protective and preventative treatment.  In this instance the tape is applied with the area of the body is contracted; therefore when the body moves during the day the range of movement in the given area is reduced in order to avoid strain and provide support whilst performing sport or activity.  Following this type of application the tape does not normally stay on for more than a day.

It can be used safely at any age and also during pregnancy.